Highway Guardrail Sales & Installation

Established in 1953, Martin-Robbins has grown into one of Georgia's largest Guardrail contractors.  Guardrail installation, material sales, and repairs are our business. Martin-Robbins' Guardrail volume as a statewide contractor allows us to be extremely competitive.

Guardrail Installation

Martin-Robbins is a Georgia Department of Transportation pre approved contractor.  Martin-Robbins' installation crews install guardrail on a wide variety of projects, including interstate highways, state highways, county roads and private facilities.

Guardrail Material Sales

Martin-Robbins carries the largest inventory of Guardrail supplies in the State.  We stock products needed for quick repairs, which can be shipped to any location.  All metal guardrail materials supplied by Martin-Robbins meet Georgia Department of Transportation requirements and can be supplied with certified mill reports.

Guardrail Maintenance & Repair

Martin-Robbins provides Guardrail maintenance service for County Transportation Departments.  This service greatly reduces the cost of Guardrail maintenance, as the county saves on equipment and labor cost along with eliminating the need to stock guardrail material.


Click on the pictures below to view samples of our work

Type W Guardrail

Type T Guardrail

Core Ten Guardrail

Type 12 Guardrail

Offset Blocks

Tim Barrier (NON DOT)

Type 1 Anchor Systems


Cable Barriers

Double Stacked

Wood bridge Railing